Quoted Testimonials 

“ I was thrilled when I walked down the church aisle and saw how beautifully everything was decorated. There was a great deal of attention to detail given to both my wedding ceremony and reception. Weddings of Romance took all my worries away! The ability to relax on my wedding day, knowing all the details were in the hands of the professionals; my two coordinators were a blessing. My husband, Matt and I were so pleased when our guests and family commented on how beautiful the wedding was. If you are planning a wedding, and want it to be wonderful, hire the professionals…Weddings of Romance!” 
- Mandy Levinson 
(Virginia Beach, VA - Bride)



"I honestly don't know how we would have survived that hectic day otherwise. Thank goodness for Weddings of Romance." 
- Cynthia Johnson
(Atlanta, GA - Mother of the Bride)



"Weddings of Romance skillfully guided everyone through a beautiful weekend of wedding festivities.  The coordination of what I thought 
would be a very hectic and nerve-wracking weekend was amazing.  
Now I understand why my son kept saying, 'Don't worry - 
Weddings of Romance has it under control.' "    
-Russ  Levinson

(Virginia Beach, VA - Father of the Groom)



"Every little detail was thought through. I was so impressed." 
-Kathy Harrington
(Birmingham, AL - Family Member of the Bride)



"I was honestly blown away by Weddings of Romance. I was really
glad that they stepped in thus relieving me of a lot of duties!"
-Deborah Loyden Abernathy 
(Falls Church, VA - Groom)



"I was very impressed with how Weddings of Romance could 
coordinate everything so perfectly.  They really showed a 
personal interest in making all the activities a success."   
-Grace Levinson 
(Virginia Beach, VA - Mother of the Groom)



"It was so well done that I wanted to do it all over again. The 
entire evening was so organized and well thought out. It made
the whole experience amazing!"
-Rosie Goscinski Fitzgerald
(Savannah, GA - Matron of Honor of the Bride)